Feu de Bois (Ski House) Candle by LAFCO

Product Description

Feu de Bois (Ski House) Candle by LAFCO

LAFCO’s Feu de Bois / Ski House Candle is a perfect blend of woodsy and warm scents that encapsulates a weekend stay at a mountainside cabin, with subtle hints of pine and the smoky essence of a crackling fire. Chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things!

Each one of the LAFCO candles have a perfect blend of natural essential oil-based fragrances in a clean-burning soy and paraffin blend so the aroma evenly perfumes your home. These candles have a 90-hour burn time and leaves you with a beautiful artisanal hand-blown vessel to be re-used as a vase, a glass, or anything your creativity can come up with.

This product ships within one week of order.

$65.00 USD