Assorted Boston Themed Marble Coasters Set by Screencraft Tileworks

Product Description

Assorted Boston Themed SIngle Marble Coasters by Screencraft Tileworks

These coasters from Screencraft Tileworks are made from natural marble - carved from large marble blocks, no two tiles will ever be alike! Variations in coloring, small fissures and tumbling all add to the beauty of this natural stone. Mix and match to make your own unique set of Boston themed coasters of your choosing - the perfect gift for any Boston fan. 

Available Boston Images:

  • Swan Boats
  • Public Garden
  • Acorn Street
  • The Red Seat at Fenway
  • Painting of Fenway
  • Map of Fenway
  • Vintage Map of Boston
  • Antique Map of Boston
  • Boston Skyline
  • Entering Fenway
  • Entering Boston




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