Stained Glass Mosaic Frame 4x6 - Customized

Product Description

Stained Glass Mosaic Frame 4x6 - Customized.  Handmade by Jessica Gusar of Live in Mosaics.

The stained glass picture frame is made from mosaic tiles in various shades of the color you choose. All of the marbled glass tiles are cut from one sheet to allow for natural color variations in each piece.

Each tile is cut and laid by hand to create a beautiful linear and modern pattern. The tile is carried around the sides of the frame so it is flawless from all angles. We love it as a wedding gift!  Has an easel back and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The frame holds a 4"x6" photo.  Made to order. Handmade in the USA.

  • Handmade Item
  • Tiles are Stained Glass (except for mirrors)
  • Made to order
  • Allow approximately 2 weeks for item


  1. Choose Tile Color (see image for color variation)
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        This product ships within one week of order.

        Tile Color
        1. Light Pink
        2. Marbled Pink
        3. Coral
        4. Red
        5. Light Orange
        6. Orange
        7. Deep Orange
        8. Marbled Orange
        9. Light Yellow
        10. Yellow
        11. Deep Yellow
        12. Sea Green
        13. Teal
        14. Bright Green
        15. Moss Green
        16. Fern Green
        17. Dark Green
        18. Aqua
        19. Turquoise
        20. Blue
        21. Pale Blue
        22. Powder Blue
        23. Cornflower
        24. Cobalt
        25. Navy
        26. Light Purple
        27. Marbled Purple
        28. Lavender
        29. Purple
        30. Imperial Purple
        31. White
        32. Marbled Beige
        33. Tan
        34. Amber
        35. Marbled Brown
        36. Brown
        37. LIght Grey
        38. Dark Grey
        39. Iridescent Grey
        40. Grey
        41. Slate Grey
        42. Black
        43. Mirror
        44. Gold Mirror
        $70.00 USD