Boston Irish Book Limited Edition Cover ~ by Bill Brett Photographer

Product Description

Acclaimed Boston photographer Bill Brett returns with Boston, Irish, a collection of more than 260 black-and-white photographs of the people and the city he loves. It is his most personal book yet and for 2021, he has created a new limited cover with famous Boston faces Daniel Mullen and Kevin Ahearn. 

Building on his four previous books, Boston, Irish turns the lens on Bill's own community, the city's Irish Americans. Dedicated to his mother, Mary Ann Brett, Boston, Irish chronicles and crystallizes a unique period in the city's history. A time that won't be seen again, inhabited by newly-arrived immigrants and second- and third-generation Irish-Americans. Boston, Irish covers every aspect of the region s Irish-American community with portraits and stories ranging from a 99-year-old nun to a colorful funeral home director to an Irish tenor to a New York Times best-selling novelist. It also explores the full breadth of the Irish immigrant experience, representing those from the Republic and Northern Ireland and both Roman Catholics and Protestants alike. To all those who knew her, Mary Ann Brett was the embodiment of grit, heart, and faith. For her and those of her immigrant generation, Boston's sense of Irish community didn't stop with one family or a single neighborhood. It was felt grandly, holding in its embrace the Irish Americans from Beacon Hill and City Hall to the very last street in the city. When the world thinks of Boston, they think of the Irish as the city's bulwark community. What Bill Brett thinks of Boston runs much deeper and can be found on each and every page of Boston, Irish.

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