Catherine Canino Classic Baby Pebble Pearls Earrings (polished 925 Sterling Silver)

Product Description

What are Pebble Pearls?  These original and iconic Catherine Canino pebble pearl earrings are classic yet modern.  These signature pebble pearls are a handcrafted composite: mother of pearl shell is crushed, formed into the pebble shape, then lacquered and polished 18 times to draw out the shell’s luster and hue.  An organic material with a human touch, these shell-based pearls feature natural variances.

  • pebble pearl measures 8 X 10mm
  • available in multiple pebble colors
  • signature handmade ear wire with secure hypoallergenic rubber back
  • overall length ¾”
  • polished 925 Sterling Silver
Jewelry Care:  Please do not wear in the shower, while swimming, sunbathing, during hot yoga…etc! Also watch perfumes, sprays and lotions. When not wearing, please store in our protective pouch. Metal and stones can scratch and bend. Only use a soft cloth to clean- no abrasives or cleaners.
$88.00 USD