Peace (Sisterhood) Necklace by Smart Girls Jewelry

Product Description

Peace (Sisterhood) Necklace by Smart Girls Jewelry

The Peace (or Sisterhood) necklace recognizes that if we all raise our hands and work together, we can make a difference.  It has a girl with her arm raised, a "peace" dove charm, plus a deep blue sapphire colored bauble. 

About Smart Girls Jewelry

At just 10 years old Marlie came up with the clever idea that is Smart Girls Jewelry. The inspiration came to her when she saw a commercial with a message that stereotyping girls is wrong. She agreed, however, it also said that if you like pink, or items generally considered stereotypically girly, then you aren't considered smart. Well this smart girl knew that this was just creating a new stereotype. Marlie knew that girls can be both smart and also play with their dolls, wear sparkly pink things, and be as “girly” as they want to be!

$ 19.95